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06. Review and link documents

We are working on providing you English videos. We allready have German and Chinese videos. You can also watch these.

(Chinese)How to link document to requirements

Watch German video about linking documents to requirements

Review the documents

Review the received documents

At the moment you receive documents (test reports), the specified standards are the tools to check if you have received the correct evidence.

You need to read and check the test report:

  • Is this about my product (check the picture)?
  • Who performed the test
  • When was the test performed
  • What is the result

When the documents meet the necessary requirements, Match-it can be used to link the document to the requirements, so that you have an overview of whether you have the complete documentation. In case of a transition period, you can either tick off the requirements or declare them not applicable.

Link documents with Match it!

With MatchIt you can link the documents to the


Please note, this is a suggestion, so please tick the appropriate requirements.

You still need to read the document, and verify that the document is relevant and that the documents are compliant.

After checking the requirements, you can choose the blue button, document is relevant, but not yet sufficient.

Select the green button if the requirement is fulfilled.

Match It! button

Match it! does not read the document

Match it! only reads the document and gives this message if the article number is not in the document.

Regardless of whether there is already a Dopi.

So that one is always alerted if the document is relevant.

What if Match it! can’t find a suggestion?

You can click on show to open a list of requirements.

Match It! no results

The entire list of requirements is shown and you must make a selection of where the document can be linked to.

Match It! requirement list