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07. Invite your supplier

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(Chinese)How to invite your supplier to upload documents into your file in ProductIP

Watch German video about inviting your supplier

Invite your supplier

Via an Invite you connect a supplier to a file, not to your account. Your supplier can upload the documents directly into the file.

Your supplier will get an email.
He has to register There is no charge for that.

You can select which documents you want to receive from the supplier. If you do not make a selection, all documents will be requested from those requirements that have not been fulfilled or declared not applicable.

Technical file invites tab

Review and link the documents

At the moment you receive documents (test reports), the specified standards mentioned on the requirementlist are your guide to check if you have received the correct evidence.

You need to read and check the test report:

  • Is this about my product (check the picture)?
  • Who performed the test
  • When was the test performed
  • What is the result

When the documents meet the necessary requirements, Match-it can be used to link the document to the requirements, so that you have an overview of whether you have the complete documentation. In case of a transition period, you can either tick off the requirements or declare them not applicable.

How to link documents 

Communicate with your supplier

Once the supplier has accepted the invite, you can communicate with each other via the platform. You can use the timeline tab.

Technical file - Timeline tab

Please note, that if the invitation is not accepted, no email will be sent.

Timeline example

The supplier will then have to be urged to accept the invitation by means of his own communication.

However, if you can send the invitation again, the supplier will receive another e-mail of the invitation.

Resend an invite

Ask your supplier for more documents

The supplier has completed the task, but there are still documents missing, re-open the task, add a comment in the window and the supplier will receive an email, and can upload the requested documents again.

Re-open activity

What your supplier can see

This is your supplier's upload screen.

Supplier document upload screen

Below is what you see in the file, this is not what the supplier sees. But the requirements that are green or yellow are not requested to be documented.

Technical file requirement list

The supplier can see the status of the document:

document status

supplier document status