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Product compliance is a vast and complex subject. It is also mandatory and gives many suppliers and retailers sleepless nights. Where and how should you get started with your products? What if your suppliers are based in different time zones and areas where a different language is spoken? How far into the past can regulators go when imposing penalties? Which aspects do you need to prioritise and which can wait a little longer?


ProductIP helps you overcome the initial obstacles on the road towards mandatory compliance with all regulations. With ProductIP you work on product compliance and access to a bigger market step by step.

As ProductIP is a web-based solution, it allows you to deal with this challenge together with your suppliers. Thanks to the integrated knowledge base ProductIPedia, you can do so in your own time and at your own speed – anywhere in the world.


The consequences of growth

Are you a supplier or retailer who is keen to tap into a bigger or a different market, including online? If so, your products need to comply with the relevant laws and regulations. You also have to document and provide evidence of this. But what rules do you need to comply with? In Europe and the United Kingdom alone some 500 (!) different rules and regulations are changed every month.


Opaque and complex

You are faced with a constant stream of new rules. At the same time, more and more products are being brought onto the market with hybrid functions and multiple applications, which makes them difficult to classify. Take a side table with an integrated mobile phone charger or running shoes with a GPS function, for example. What’s more, there is increasing overlap between registration and due diligence obligations relating to the origin, safety, sustainability and energy consumption of products and product components. Product conformity has to become an integral part of your business process.


Nothing is optional

It is essential that all the declarations you make about your products and their components, including retrospective declarations, are accurate. If you register information incorrectly today, there could be major consequences tomorrow, as regulators and authorities will take an uncompromising stance.


ProductIP knows all about product compliance in the EU and UK and has access to all rules and regulations

Are you, as a supplier or retailer, suffering from sleepless nights due to all the complexity and do you no longer know where to begin? ProductIP has access to up-to-date versions of all the regulations and will help you prove that your products comply with them.

You will follow a step-by-step process, starting with something you are familiar with: the product. We know what questions you will be grappling with and have already drawn up the answers for you. The choices are down to you. We distinguish between different degrees of risk, helping you work out what you need to start working on today and where you can allow yourself and your suppliers a little more time.


If you follow the steps with ProductIP, there is an automatic presumption of conformity with laws and regulations

If you work with ProductIP, you will know within a few minutes which laws and regulations apply to your product and your market. What’s more, declaration templates and the required checklists and documents are ready for you to complete right away, either yourself or together with your suppliers.

With ProductIP you create the technical files yourself. We will then store everything for you for the required ten-year period. If necessary, you can also instruct us to act as an EU and UK Authorised Representative.


Would you like us to check that your product labels, packaging and manuals comply with laws and regulations? That is possible too and we are also a market leader in this area.


Use ProductIP for your existing products and product groups as well as any new items that you want to bring onto the market.


Real-time, web-based, worldwide solution

You can involve all your supply chain partners in the process by working together with international colleagues on technical files and asking your suppliers to provide supporting information.


Language barriers and time zones will no longer hold you back. That’s because everyone can use both ProductIP and our knowledge base ProductIPedia in their own language. At least 21 languages are covered, which, given the number of languages spoken in the EU alone, is extremely helpful. You can generate the correct CE declaration (in all these languages, of course) with a simple click of your mouse.

As you juggle the hectic demands of trade fairs, business trips and international trade, as well as homeworking as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, ProductIP helps you and your team to maintain an overview.


No upfront investment required

ProductIP works using a system of credits. You only pay for what you actually use. There is no upfront investment and no complex cost structure. We refer to this as our Pay As You Go model.


You buy credits online and receive an invoice by email. Your credits can be used to create a technical file or to purchase additional support. Once you have used up your credits you simply buy new ones. You receive them straight away and can quickly carry on using ProductIP.

If you have a large volume of new products every year, you can opt for our Enterprise solution.


How ProductIP works in brief

You run through the protocols that apply to your product, fill everything in and with a click of your mouse generate a checklist relating to laws and regulations, which forms the basis for a technical file.


ProductIP stores all your data so you can access it at any time. After all, a regulator could come forward with a question a few years down the line. You can therefore demonstrate to the authorities at any time which steps you have taken to comply with laws and regulations – today, tomorrow and for the next ten years, as required by law.


The benefits for you at a glance

  • With ProductIP you document everything and have the evidence you need: product characteristics and the steps you have taken in the area of conformity – today, yesterday and even longer ago. In this way you mitigate the consequences of recalls, fines, audits and (changes to) international regulations.
  • ProductIP helps you increase your access to a bigger or a different international market while ensuring your products are compliant.
  • ProductIP does not require any major investments. You buy credits and therefore only pay for what you actually use. If you need more support, you simply scale up the service to the desired level.
  • With ProductIP you can not only involve your entire supply chain in product compliance, but can also gain a greater insight into and greater control over it. This makes you a more independent player on the international market. ProductIP allows you to link sustainability targets, quality targets and product compliance.


Try it out for yourself. ProductIP is quicker and easier to use than you might think.

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