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You have received a letter informing you that AS Watson/Kruidvat is using ProductIP to create, manage and share Technical Files. These files allow them to demonstrate to authorities that they are in control of product compliance. You will receive from AS Watson/Kruidvat item information, specification, EAN code. Information you need to start a Technical File. A Technical File can possibly be used to demonstrate product conformity of a range of similar products, e.g. color and/or size variants *, from one supplier.

* note. This is usually not so straightforward when demonstrating compliance of Food Contact Materials.

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Need more information/support? Call ProductIP:

  • +31 318 700622 (Netherlands) 
  • +49 821 8083048 (Germany)
  • +86 755 83230515 (China)

AS Watson / Kruidvat contacts:

  • c.nijveld@nl.aswatson.com (Chantal Nijveld)
  • m.pastink@nl.aswatson.com (Marieke Pastink)

What is Product Compliance

We recommend that you read the EU Blue Guide. It is the guide when it comes to learning the roles and responsibilities of companies in the supply chain involved in the marketing of non-food consumer goods. From importer to retailer/eCommerce platform, from fulfillment service provider to EU brand owner. Even the roles and responsibilities of market surveillance authorities. Download here. Available in all EU languages.

Sharing your Technical File with A.S. Watson/Kruidvat

Upon completion of the file, share the technical file with your customer. Be sure to include the barcode (EAN) in the 'share' screen. AS Watson will review the file and give you feedback if (part of) the file is incorrect. After correction, you can share the technical file again.

Het delen van BSCI - CEDEX gegevens met A.S. Watson/Kruidvat

A.S. Watson Health & Beauty Benelux heeft een sociaal compliance beleid geformuleerd voor haar private label producten. Ze richten zich op transparantie in de toeleveringsketen en het waarborgen van eerlijke en veilige arbeidsomstandigheden op de productielocaties.

Hun kwaliteitsafdeling moet op de hoogte zijn van de productielocatie en hun sociale compliance status. Deze informatie zal NIET gebruikt worden voor andere commerciële doeleinden dan het controleren van de sociale compliance status van de productielocaties. Op verzoek kan A.S. Watson een geheimhoudingsverklaring afgeven.

Voor meer informatie download u hier de A.S. Watson / Kruidvat leveranciers map;

Sharing BSCI - CEDEX data with A.S. Watson/Kruidvat

A.S. Watson Health & Beauty Benelux has formulated a social compliance policy for its private label products. They focus on transparency in the supply chain and ensuring fair and safe working conditions at the production sites.

Their quality department must be aware of the production site and their social compliance status. This information will NOT be used for any commercial purposes other than checking the social compliance status of the production sites. Upon request, A.S. Watson can provide a confidentiality agreement.

For more information download the A.S. Watson / Kruidvat supplier directory here;

Social Compliance supplier directory NL

Social Compliance supplier directory EN

What is ProductIP?

ProductIP enables you to set up and manage product compliance with your supply chain partners in an efficient, transparent and proactive way. Companies use ProductIP because they see compliance management as a means to ensure customer loyalty and stay ahead of the competition. Our product compliance management solution helps you in the process of buying and selling safe and compliant products. How? 

We turn complex product compliance legislation into understandable information, in a process that is in line with what the authorities expect from you. A process that starts with something you need to understand, the product. The result is what is called a technical dossier. You use a technical file to demonstrate product conformity, and your efforts, of a similar range, a family, of products, from one supplier. A technical dossier contains specifications, drawings, test reports and other documents necessary to enable all stakeholders in the supply chain to demonstrate product conformity. 

We also offer informational guides, document templates and much more.

The ProductIP Database

We have the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of product-related technical standards, regulations and requirements. Following our questions and answers, you generate a list of requirements for your specific product. Now you can make informed decisions when buying products, delivering products to your customer or when problems arise in the marketplace.

The ProductIP Platform

By using our web-based solution, you can demonstrate product compliance with database requirements through technical files. With our product compliance management software, you create, manage and share technical files, along with your suppliers and other stakeholders. 

Creation of technical files 

A technical file contains all the evidence needed to demonstrate that a product meets relevant legal and customer requirements. Documents can include certificates, declarations of conformity, test reports, inspection results and more. 


The basis for the technical file is a comprehensive and verified requirements list. This list is generated by ProductIP, based on the answers to a series of questions;

  • what product,
  • when are you putting it on the market (import into the EU)?
  • where do you plan to sell it (make it available to the market)

How to use your technical file for other customers

You are the owner of the technical file. Continue to use the technical file to check the conformity of the product. Share it to other customers when they order products. Use it to check if the requirements list is still relevant for repeat orders.

You can also share (part of) the file with an inspection agency to conduct pre-shipment inspections, or with authorities to demonstrate your compliance efforts. Or generate an EU Declaration of Conformity - "The CE Declaration" - in any of 21 languages in seconds!

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We have a full-service solution. We call it FAST service, File Assembly Support Team. Extremely useful in case you don't have time, or feel you lack experience. 

Label Check Services

Errors in the artwork of packaging, labels, manuals are a first sign to market surveillance authorities that something may be wrong with a product. Flawless artwork is a first sign of verification. ProductIP is the market leader in checking artwork on product, packaging, manual. For each of the EU member states, in one of 21 languages.

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