Chemical risk training

Chemical Risk Training: Keep Your Products Safe!

Why This Matters
Did you know 1 in 4 product recalls in the EU is because of bad chemicals? This isn't just about money; it's about keeping people and nature safe. Some folks don't know about these risks, but our training can help.

What You'll Learn
Know the Rules: Learn the simple do's and don'ts about chemicals in your products.
Stay Safe: Find out what papers you need to show your product is safe.
Spot the Bad Stuff: Learn to see which materials might have harmful chemicals.
Pick the Right Partners: Learn how to choose partners who follow safety rules.

What’s Inside Our Stuff?
From kids' toys to shirts and pots, things we use every day might have bad chemicals. These chemicals make products look or work better, but they can be dangerous.

Join Us and Be Ready
When you know more, you save time and make better choices.

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1 session price: €395
Package price: €550

Pay before your training starts or within 14 days. Prices don't include tax. Our 2015 rules apply.

Stay safe, make smart choices, and keep your products recall-free. Join us NOW!

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