Food contact materials training

This training will help you to understand your obligations as business operator and how to obtain evidence for demonstrating FCM safety.

Food Contact Materials (FCMs) are materials or products which are intended having contact with food. Some examples are food packaging, food containers, tableware, cookware, kitchen utensils, food processors, coffee makers etc. Food contact materials can be made from various type of materials such as plastic, ceramics, glass, wood, metals etc.

Basically FCM legislation is about inertness. This means that during contact with the food no matter (molecules) from the FCM may migrate to the food.

For some specific materials such as plastic and ceramics there is certain European harmonisation on legislative requirements, however for the majority of specific materials there is no specific European legislation and specific national legislation applies. This makes Food Contact Legislation quite complex.

The safety of Food Contact Materials must be tested by the business operators placing them on the European and national markets.

In just one day you will be able to

Understand legislation on FCM in general, including;

  1. knowing the obligations of actors within the supply chain
  2. labeling and traceability requirements
  3. have some understanding about legislative European and national requirements on specific materials, 
  4. knowledge about test methods
  5. Understand how to compose a Declaration of Compliance

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The fee for Food contact materials training is €295,- Invoice to be settled in 14 days or before the training. All amounts are without VAT and our General Conditions Jan. 2018 apply.

Available Dates

Basic Training Food Contact Materials

  • Location: ProductIP Ede
  • Date: 11-12-2018 - Time: 09:30 - 15:00
  • Krijg inzicht in de complexe materie van eisen die gesteld worden aan Food Contact Materials.


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