Chemical Risk Assessment

Most likely you find legislation related to the usage of chemicals in products too complex. You cannot see or smell (at least not always) chemicals from the outside and the sense of lack of control makes you feel uncomfortable;

  • How do you know what the possible chemical risks are?
  • How do you get the best price for what you should test for?
  • How do you prevent to pay for tests that do not contribute to reduction of that risk?

Check this “the price of chemicals” movie by ECHA, the European Chemicals Agency.

What do we offer?

Chemical Risk Assessment (CRA): we give you a list that tells you how likely it is for a restricted chemical substance to be present in your Non-Food consumer product.

The list gives you insight in what substances are likely to be present, this in turn will make you a better negotiating partner with your supplier. Knowing what substances are likely present will result in you asking better questions to your supplier and results in better evidence from that supplier.

The other benefit of the CRA is saving money on unnecessary chemical analysis. By knowing what is likely or not likely to be present, you can narrow down the number of tests and thus save money on testing.


The Chemical Risk Assessment has a starting price of €300,- but this price may vary depending on the amount of products you want to test.

When placing the order for the Chemical Risk Assessment it is important to send:

  • Image of the product
  • Short description of the product
  • Bill of Material *required*

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